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After Effect Training Course

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Rs. 5,000




Adobe After Effects software delivers a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently produce motion graphics and visual  effects for film, video, multimedia, and the Web After Effects.


  • New in CC 
  • Animation and Motion Graphics.
  • Formats that After Effects Produce.
  • After Effects Differ from Photoshop.
  • After Effects Different from Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere.
  • After Effects Different from Adobe Flash.
  • Compositing.
  • To Get Video Content into AE.
  • Tools Need Besides After Effects.



Salient Features



  • After Effects offers unparalleled integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator to produce professional results.
  • Control the compositing environment while working in a 2D or 3D with this tool





  • Create motion graphics.
  • Unbelievable visual effect for films, video, multimedia.



Topics Covered


  • The Fundamentals
  • Up to Speed
  • Motion
  • Compositions
  • Input, Output & Preferences
  • Import 
  • New Photoshop Tips
  • New Illustrator Tips
  • Video Standards
  • Output
  • Preferences
  • Animation & Special Effects
  • 3D, Expressions, Text & Design
  • Expressions
  • Text
  • Design
  • Compositing & Advanced Effects
  • Compositing & Professional Tools
  • Production Bundle Effects