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Edius Video Editing Training Course

Crash Course - EDIUS 9 , Weekend Course,   EDIUS Workshop  

Do you have a passion for making well-cut video footage for family functions? Or are you already working in a news channel or production house and want to become a multi-tasker? Then this course is perfect for you. As you will be taught anything and everything you need to know about Edius.

What is Edius 9?

Edius Pro 9 is an application used by videographers all over the world to edit, manipulate and export their video projects. 

Video professionals use Edius Pro 9 for editing multiple camera tracks and syncing them via the timecode, correcting video exposure and colour, all this by using a variety of tools. The tasks performed here also include adding a variety of lighting and camera effects to their projects, incorporating sophisticated title sequences with built-in templates and styles, and exporting their video projects in various high definition and Web-friendly formats. 

EDIUS 7  Training- Regular     ( 3 days in Week)


 Online Wedding Video Course



Software Covered: EDIUS 7




Classes & Training pattern:



Class / Batch size:



Course Covers


Course Overview

Tutor Mantra specializes in Teaching everyone from NLE Editing Pro's to those who have never touched a computer how to edit with Grass Valley's NLE EDIUS. We have over 13 years of experience in teaching classes that have both experienced and inexperienced editors mixed together with great results from both groups.


Lesson 1: Introduction


Lesson 2: Overview of Editing with EDIUS



Lesson 3: Preparing a System and Project


Lesson 4: Importing Media


Lesson 5: Basic Editing


Lesson 6: Timeline Editing


Lesson 7: Fine Tuning


Lesson 8: Working with Audio

Lesson 9: Transitions

Lesson10: Effects


Lesson 11: Editing Dialogue


Lesson 12: Project Management

Lesson 13: Multicam


Lesson 14: Titles


Lesson 15: Output to Tape and Files







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