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EducomiQ video tutorial for arithmetic in Hindi

1 DVD /Pen drive , 90 tutorials Watch time


Highlights of Video tutorial :-

  • Each topics has been covered with typewise questions and answers.

  • Live online classes for your doubts.

  • Special emphasis on basic Concepts and tricks has been given.

  • After concept clearity tricks have been discussed for every questions.

  • Tutorial is such that you can easily understand the topics.

  • Lifetime support will be provided to clear your doubts after the purchase of the DVD, pendrive.

  • You will be provided hard copy of questions to practice the questions on the topics.

  • You should watch each video twice or thrice and in the same order as given

to you for maximum benefits.

  • Special emphasis given on topics percentage , Average and Ratio and proportion even if very few questions asked from these topics but its concepts are very useful for other sections like profit and loss, Time and work ,Time speed and distance. In every data interpretation questions its concept will be used.


DVD Course Content:

The full course has 90 video lectures and divided into 17 chapters. Each

chapter consists of all type of questions from basics to high level. Short tricks

have been discussed along with the concept. It will certainly improve your

skill set to solve the questions.

  • All topics are covered from basics to high level with short tricks and conceptual clearity.

  • You will be able to solve any type of questions with ease.


ARITHMETIC VIDEO TUTORIAL DVD/PEN DRIVE FOR SSC CGL T-I & T-II/CHSL/IBPS/S.B.I P.O/ R.B.I Gr-B/ RRB/ and other online objective competitive examinations.



Fraction -

Boat and Stream -

Boat and Stream -

Time and Distace -

Time and Distance -

Mixture and Alligation

Pipe and cistern

Pipe and cistern

Comopound interest


1.Ratio and proportion Basic concept and questions 23 min
2.Ratio and proportion Tricks to solve previous years SSC questions24 min
3.Ratio and proportion Tricks to solve previous years SSC questions24 min 27 min
4.Ratio and proportion Tricks to solve Higher level questions for S.B.I 28 min

1.Percentage Percentage to fraction and vice versa 19 min
2. Percentage Basic concept and questions 15 min
3.Percentage Income and expenditure questions 17 min
4. Percentage Tricks to solve previous years questions 15 min
5.Percentage Successive increase or decrease percentage 13 min
6. Percentage Population and election questions with short tricks 19 min
7.Percentage Tricks to solve regular SSC questions 15 min
8. Percentage Short tricks to solve alloy and mixture ques. 15 min
9.Percentage Previous years S.B.I/IBPS/RBI questions 15 min
10. Percentage Previous years S.B.I/IBPS/RBI questions 13 min
11. percentage Previous years S.B.I/IBPS/RBI questions 14 min

1.simple interest Basics and SSC CGL T-II questions 30 min
2.simple interest Powerful Tricks to solve previous years Ques. 17 min
3.simple interest To solve without pen and paper 17 min
4.simple interest Moderate/High level questions for SSC /IBPS 25 min

1.Compound interest Powerful Tricks to compute compound interest 12 min
2.Compound interest C.I for two Compoung periods 25 min
3.Compound interest C.I for three Compoung periods 25min
4. Compound interest Compounding rate of interest 20 min
5.Compound interest Quarterly and half yearly rate percentage 29 min
6. Compound interest Tricks to calculate compound time 13 min
7. Compound interest Moderate /High level SSC CGL T-II/IBPS P.O 20 min

1.Mixture and Alligation Concept and tricks to solve basic questions 13 min
2.Mixture and Alligation Concept and tricks to solve basic questions 18 min
3.Mixture and Alligation Concept to solve Solutions problems 17 min
4. Mixture and Alligation questions on Alloy for SSC /IBPS 17 min
5. Mixture and Alligation Solutions problems for SSC CGL T-II /IBPS 19 min
6. Mixture and Alligation Questions for SSC CGL T-IIand IBPS 30 min
Topic Content Watch Time

1.Time and work Basic concept and questions 12 min
2.Time and work CGL T-I /CHSL questions with solutions 19 min
3.Time and work New concept questions 21 min
4.Time and work Alternate days'work imp. For SSC 15 min
5.Time and work Concept to solveEfficiency related question 14 min
6.Time and work Previous years Effiiciency Ques in SSC 18 min
7.Time and work Questions related to fraction of work 17 min
8.Time and work SSC CGL/CHSL questions 18 min
9. Time and work Mix type of questions 21 min
10. Time and work Higher level questions SSC CGL T-II/IBPS 18 min

1. work and wages basic concepts with basic questions 19 min
2. work and wages Previous years SSC CGL T-II/IBPS 18min

1. pipe and cistern Basic concept and relation with Time and work 20 min
2. pipe and cistern Moderate level for SSC /CPO/CDS 21 min
3. pipe and cistern For SSC/CPO/CHSL/IBPS 14 min

1. Profit and Loss Basic concept and tricks 20 min
2. Profit and Loss Concept and tricks 24 min
3. Profit and Loss Tricks to solve SSC questions easily 21 min
4. Profit and Loss Regular SSC/IBPS questions 25 min
5. Profit and Loss Questions for SSC CGL T-II/IBPS 21 min
6. Profit and Loss For SSC CGL T-II and IBPS Higher level 28 min

1. Discount ConceptDiscount and marked price 24 min
2. Discount Prev. SSC questions on Marked price 17 min
3. Discount Marked price questionsfor SSC and IBPS 23 min

1.Time speed and Distance Basic concept and questions SSC pre 16 min
2.Time speed and Distance SSC CGL/CHSL IBPS prelims questions 23 min
3.Time speed and Distance Tricks tto solveSSC CGL/CHSL IBPS prelims questions 17 min
4.Time speed and Distance Best tricks SSC and IBPS moderate leve ques. 20 min
5.Time speed and Distance Tricks to solve Higher leve SSC T-II and IBPS ,SBI P.O questions 13 min
6.Time speed and Distance End confusion on monkey questions 21 min
7.Time speed and Distance Gun shot and Fog based questions for SSC and IBPS PO

1. Train Train concept simplified 9 min
2. Train Previous years' SSC CGL/CHSL/CPO questions 18 min
3. Train Moderate level for SSC CGL-I and Ii /CHSL/IBPS 17 min
4. Train Mix type of questions SSC CGL,IBPS PO 14 min

1.Boat and Stream Basic Concept and questions asked in SSC T-I & II 13 min
2.Boat and Stream Tricks to solve Higher level questions SSC CGL T-II/IBPS 15 min

Course objectives:


  • Keeping in mind the vast majority of students from non math background.

  • You can learn from the home comfort.

  • 24*7 internet connectivity is not required and you can buy in DVD


Pendrive mode and learn.


  • There are huge gap in level of competition between metros and smaller towns and through this you can access the best in real time basis from your home comfort.


Benefits of Learning through Educational DVDs-


  • Learn by Yourself Technology, No help needed. Step by Step Guide

  • Every member at your home can learn through one DVD.

  • You can learn at anytime of your choice.

  • Nothing goes missing, as you can watch the videos again and again.

  • These tutorials are put in serial order, so that you can learn yourself step by step.

  • The tutorials are in Hindi and English mix language, which gives you comfort at the time of learning.

  • It feels like the teacher is sitting beside you.

  • You can also learn again if you think you have forgotten any topic.

  • We also do research and create tutorial for topics, which teachers do not know completely. In any other method of teaching you would normally miss many topics.

  • Easy to learn as compared to institute learning as no time is wasted in manually writing down the notes.

  • Best Content and Edited by Experts.

  • Delivery at your home.

About the author:-


Video tutorial being conceptualised and content designed by Amit Arun himself faculty of Maths in Delhi and an M.B.A cracked several banking P.O examinations including S.B.I.


Author is Passionate about learning new things and impart this to the aspirants through IT enabled teachings.