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After Effect CC | Training Course - Basic

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Adobe After Effect CC Training DVD - BASIC TO MASTER LEVEL

AE CC Language: HINDI   Tutor: Mohit Jain Time: 8 hours Quality: Full HD  Volume: 2 DVDs

Course Highlights


This Course is so Practical Course & we are going to apply what we learn to fully understand the program and after that short course time you will be already Editing your videos like a pro in the way you want. 

This Course is suitable & compatible with people who have older Edius Pro versions though it's demonstrated on the latest Edius Pro 8 edition ( there no much difference between Edius's previous editions)

Video 01 Video 02 Video 03 Video 04

Video 05


Video Training Tutorial Content

01- After Effect - Basic Intro
02- After Effect - Intro fo Tools
03- How to creat Composition
04- Timeline Basic Tool
05- Learn About Key Framing
06- Basic Shapes & Animation 1 
07- Basic Shapes & Animation 2
08- Practice with Shapes
09- Test Tool Basic 
10- How to create Mask 01
11- How to create  Mask 02
12-  Stencil Alpha & Silhout Alpha
13- Animation Masking by Pen tool
14- Text Animation on Path
15- Text Animation Presents
16- Text Tracking
17- How to Create Title 01
18- How to Create Title 02
19- How to Create Title 03
20- Shape
21- Convert 2d layer in 3d layer
22- How to use Camera
23- How to create box with snapping
24- How to use Camera In After Effetcs
25- How to use light Part 1
26- How to use light Part 2
27- How to use light Part 3
28- How To Ganesh animation by filter
29- How To Make Render output

Benefits of Learning through Educational DVDs

  • Step by Step Guide, No help needed.
  • After Effect CC Video Tutorials in Hindi, 
  • Every member at your home can learn through one DVD.
  • You can learn at anytime of your choice.
  • Nothing goes missing, as you can watch the videos again and again.
  • Tutorials are arranged in systematic Manner
  • The tutorials are in Hindi and English mix language, which gives you comfort at the time of learning.
  • It feels like the teacher is sitting beside you.
  • You can also learn again if you think you have forgotten any topic.
  • We also do research and create tutorial for topics, which teachers do not know completely. In any other method of teaching you would normally miss many topics.
  • Easy to learn as compared to institute learning as no time is wasted in manually writing down the notes.
  • it is more effective as you have to do practically what is shown in the tutorial. Whatever you do by your own, you can easily remember it.
  • Best Content and Edited by Experts.
  • Delivery at your home.


About Author

Mohit Jain is one the India’s top Trainers for Professional Video Editing. Rama has over 15 years in teaching & professional experience.

Mohit Jain is the only Video Editing trainer that has won Awards for his training material.

Mohit Jain has trained individuals in all over the India. He has trained well over a thousand individuals.

Mohit Jain has trained Video Editors for Star News, Janmat TV, Rajya Sabha TV, Jain TV



Can I buy the DVD online?

Yes, you can always buy a DVD online. 


What is the payment mode?

There are three modes of payment.

1-    You can pay online by Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking at

2-    You can deposit the DVD amount to the nearest branch.

3-    You can yourself come to our main corporate office inPandav Nagar Complex, Gagnesh Nagar, New Delhi- 110092. and get the DVD’s directly on cash payment.


What are the requirements?
• Access to A Computer

Is home delivery available for the DVD’s?

Yes, we offer home delivery of our DVD’s if you are located in Kolkata, India. The DVD’s are dispatched for delivery only after we receive the payment from your side. Otherwise we send the DVDs through courier.


Do I need to install any special software or require Internet connection for viewing the DVD?

No, you don’t need to install any special software or Internet connection for viewing the DVD Course. We provide you the necessary software that is required for viewing the DVD’s. You just have to click in sigh the ‘Install’ DVD