Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro CC - The Complete Guide

 A Professional Video Editing course conducted by Mantra Adcom– Academy for Digital Arts under Skill Training Programme. Courses are open to all, and we encourage everyone interested to enroll. Whether you are starter, working professional or an experienced professional you will find the course suited to your level of experience and will improve your career.

 Adobe Premiere Pro Training- Regular                      ( 3 days in Week)

  • Premiere Fundamental                  -          Duration : 4 Weeks     
  • Premiere Advance Training           -          Duration : 8 Weeks     
  • Premiere Professional Training     -          Duration : 12 Weeks     - 

 Online Wedding Video Course (15 Classes)

  • Premiere Fundamental                  -          Duration : 4 Weeks 

In this comprehensive Adobe Premiere training course, TUTOR MANTRA's expert instructors ensure that you have a solid foundation in video editing using Adobe Premiere, an industry standard for video editing.

Software Covered:  Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019


  • 12th Class/ Graduation
  •  Working knowledge Mac/ Windows computer.

Class / Batch size : 

  • Maximum 3 Students in 1 Batch
  • Maximum Instructor to Student Ratio 1:3

Who should do this Premiere Pro training course?

This course is for anyone that needs to or wants to learn how to edit video clips and create digital movies for professional quality output, such as promotional videos. You've probably shot video with a digital video camera, and maybe worked with recording audio clips. However, you now need to edit existing video clips, or assemble your own video, audio, and still images to create professional looking video programs. You need to produce content efficiently and also to a professional quality standard.

Why Premiere Pro?

A powerful tool for professional digital Video Editing Designed for video professionals, Adobe Premiere Pro software spans the world of broadcast and online media. Thanks to its elegant interface and superb editing tools, you can work with complete efficiency, control, and flexibility to produce broadcast-quality movies for video, film, multimedia, and the Web.

Content and Goals

This Adobe Premiere Pro training class teaches you the essentials of working with this digital video. You learn how to use the interface and editing tools for producing broadcast-quality movies used for video, multimedia, and the Web.

In this Tutor Mantra Training to Adobe Premiere Pro video editing course, you can be editing on a Mac or a PC with any version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC to learn in this course. This course will cover everything you need to know to start video editing, including: who is currently working in the industry, who knows the most current editing techniques.

This Adobe Premiere class gets you up and running quickly in video editing and video production.

The course contents for this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial are as follows:

1. Introduction – Fundamental of Video Editing 

  • Non-linear editing Concept
  • Elements & Tools of Editing
  • Uses of Digital Video
  • Camera Shots & Framing
  • Workflow of NLE System
  • Preparing and optimizing your computer ?
  • Premiere Pro’s requirements ?

 2. Setting up your video project  

  • Starting Or Opening A Project
  • Where to store your project ?
  • Scratch disks 
  • Sequence settings
  • Keyboard customization

 3. Beginning of Editing? 

  • Layout overview – Project, Monitor, Timeline Window, Minus
  • Tool Overview 
  • Importing Footage – DV or HDV tape ?
  • Importing Data Clips 
  • Using the Capture window to digitize video

4. Adding Footage to the Timeline? 

  • Learning about In and Out Points 
  • Using the Monitor window to edit video
  • Adding, Inserting And Arranging Clips In A Sequence
  • Preview window ? Insert / Overlay Edits
  • Editing tools (Razor, Ripple, Roll, etc.)
  • Lift / Extract
  • 3 & 4 point editing
  • Playback – Smoothness vs. quality ?
  • Snap Tool ?
  • Ripple Delete 

5.Trimming And Adjusting Clips

  • Trimming Clips In Advance In The Project Panel And Source Monitor
  • Using The Trim Edit Tool
  • Editing With The Ripple And Rolling Edit Tools
  • Performing Slip, Slide And Split Edits
  • Using The Trim Mode And Trim Monitor

6. Video and Audio Transitions?

  • Setting up shortcuts 
  • Changing the default transitions 
  • Adding Transitions, When and when not to ?
  • Changing the length of transitions ?
  • Changing the properties of transitions 


7. Basic Audio Editing in Premiere Pro 

  • Reading the Audio Meter ?
  • Reading the waveform 
  • Rubber bands ?
  • Transitions ?
  • Adjusting gain

8. Taking Advantage of Nonlinear

  • Grouping footage?
  • Nesting footage?
  • Moving Footage
  • Changing the size and position of video ?
  • Copying and pasting attributes

9. Creating Titles in Premiere 

  • Types of titles (roll, crawl, lower 3rd)
  • Title templates
  • Title animation

10. Superimposing in Premiere 

  • Controlling transparency
  • Editing Audio
  • Adding music tracks
  • Controlling volume (Fade in/out)

11. Rendering Explained

  • What is rendering??
  • Not needing to render native footage?
  • When to render, and when not to render
  • How to use the work area bar?
  • How to render video?
  • How to render audio?

12. Effects and Filters in Premiere  

  • Fixed effects
  • Animating clip properties
  • Applying and animating filters
  • Using keyframes

13. Finalizing Your Project 

  • Check edit points and transitions ?
  • Check for audio peaking ?
  • Where to include “black” video and why 
  • Set the work area bar properly ?
  • Export to tape
  • Export to web ?
  • Export to archive ?
  • Export to Encore / DVD


We recommend that you have the Adobe Premiere software before starting the class. You can purchase the software or obtain a trial version of it from the Adobe website.

Course Materials

You will receive a comprehensive course training Materials for this class, the Premiere Pro Tutor Mantra, created by the Adobe Certified Experts at TUTOR MANTRA. TUTOR MANTRA instructors that have created many of the official training guides and books for Adobe Systems.

Portfolio-Quality Projects:

Each class includes projects that are designed to help you build a very strong portfolio of work.

Flexible Scheduling: 

There are no specific start dates for individual classes...start when you like. Once you have enrolled you will have immediate access to your class and six months of access to complete your class projects. 

We offer Premiere Pro training classes at our New Delhi and on-site at your location.? Call 9650361361 to speak with a Premiere Pro training consultant, or use our inquiry form to contact us.