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Final Cut Pro X/ Final Cut Pro 7 /  Adobe Premiere / Edius 7 ( Chosse any one)

Introduction Course, Crash Course and Weekend Course also Available



Online Wedding Video Editing - (10 Classes- Online)

    • Wedding Self Learning Course            -          Duration : 6 Weeks     Fee - 8,000/- 


Concentrating on the key elements of wedding Video Editing and how to make stunning wedding films, these one-on-one sessions allow us to focus our attention on improving specific areas that suit you and your business most. The content of the course will be based on your wants and needs, and can include professional techniques, editing techniques, equipment needs, workflow, marketing, …

 Do you have a passion for making well-cut video footage for family functions? Or are you already working in a news channel or production house and want to become a multi-tasker? Then this course is perfect for you. As you will be taught anything and everything you need to know about FCP. 

  • Exclusive training on telecast projects & Live projects.
  • 100 % Practical video editing Training Centre in Delhi
  • High quality reference material for accelerated learning.
  • Print and video Tutorial  Study material
  • Training on all 3rd party plug-ins
  • Reasonable fees
  • Practice 1:1 Student ratio
  • Special care towards weak students

Eligibility: 10+2 / Graduation


Offered Under : Autonomous Mode?

Study Material : 

  • Basic and Professional Handbooks (Hindi and English both) By Tutor Mantra
  • Video Tutorials (Onscreen Training)  By Tutor Mantra
  • Live Class Video
  • Preview Edited Wedding Video, Highlights, Titles and Function Video.

 Career Options: 

  • Setup Own Wedding Business.
  • Production House use FCP for editing.?
  • Multimedia Companies use FCP.


Course Overview :

Tutor Mantra specializes in Teaching everyone from NLE Editing Pro's to those who have never touched a computer how to edit with FCP. We have over 13 years of experience in teaching classes that have both experienced and inexperienced editors mixed together with great results from both groups.

Course Covers:

Students with lot of creativity and proficiency are given an in-depth experience in various post-production technologies, techniques and practices in a real world industry environment.

Programme Content :

This Course Will be taught for different segments like news, features, sports, crime talk shows, live, reality shows and events. This well mean that students will receive all round training which will make it possible for them to perform any kind of professional editing assignments.

 Level 1 : Introduction Video editing & NLE System

  • Introduction Video/Film Editing (Non Linear Editing)
  • Role of the Editor
  • Linear vs Non-linear Editing
  • NLE Edit Platforms
  • Understanding Footage/Shot Types
  • Project Formats – SD, HD, HDV
  • FCP- Introduction
  • System Hardware/Configuration
  • Launching FCP–Creating, Opening, Customizing Projects
  • FCP Interface – Work Spaces, Customizing Work Spaces
  • Saving Projects
  • Editing styles (Marking clips, Inset Editing & Overwrite editing and drag-and-drop editing)
  • Audio Editing- –Leveling, Waveform

Level 2 : Basic Editing

  • Capture Settings – DV & HDV
  • Ingest tape and file-based formats
  • Capture Clip and Batch Capture
  • Transferring from Tapeless media
  • Import- File, Folder
  • Import from CD/DVD, itunes
  • Converting Media- Change  File Format
  • Offline/online workflow - Reconnect media/offline
  • Use of  PSD file Format
  • Working With Internet, Search Still, Download Footage from net

 Level 3: Advanced Editing

  • Timeline Advance Workflow-Play head Movement, Patch Panel
  • Clip Link and Unlink workflow
  • Add Audio and Video Track
  • Working with Audio Channel
  • Audio Panning - Left, Right and Centre
  • Edit Tools - trimming, roll/ripple, slip/slide
  • Use of Fit to Fill and Replace Edit
  • Speed and slow-motion techniques
  • Understand Key Framing Workflow
  • Key Framing on Video , Freeze Frame & Still Image
  • Generators- Video, Matte, Shape, Slug, render, Text
  • Use Red Circle and Arrow with Text on Video
  • Face Blur, Blur Moving Subject, Blur Logo and text on Video
  • Use of Still Cartoons, Alpha Image with Video Track
  • Creating titles-Crawl Text, Scrolling, Typewriter Text

  Level 4 : Transition & Filters 

  • Compositing Mode
  • Masking & matte
  • Video and Audio transitions
  • Applying filters
  • Basics of color balancing and correction
  • Creating advanced color effects
  • Use of Video Scope
  • Chroma Key Techniques
  • Use of Key framing in filter options
  • Making Clip Black and Whites
  • Benefits of Master Templates
  • Creating Sepia Toned Clips

 Level 5 : Professional Workflow 

  • Create 2 Window, 3 window, 4 window
  • Canvas Edit Overlay
  • Best Use- Paste Attributes
  • Creating Sub Clips
  • Match Framing Options
  • Find Clip in Finder
  • Nesting function
  • Use of Markers
  • Multi camera editing
  • Setting up and saving Keyboard Layouts and Button Bars
  • Use Revert and Restore options
  • Speed and slow-motion techniques
  • Best Use of Buttons in Button Bar
  • Finding Track Gaps
  • Using RT menu
  • Render Workflow

  Level 6: Out Put 

  • Outputting for broadcast finishing- Mix Master
  • Exporting Marker List
  • EDL Vs. XML
  • Exporting Freeze Frame
  • Print to Video Vs. Edit to tape
  • New Share Option
  • Send to Compressor
  • Conforming using various file transfer formats
  • Outputting for DVD or the Web.
  • CD/DVD Writing- Video, Data , Audio and MP3
  • Show reel, Examination 

You’ll learn to be happy working: Practical Content

Our video editing training course offer ways to understand and learn the techniques of smooth editing skills. Our video editing training course includes important aspects of editing and practical exercises.


  • Introduction Wedding Video Workflow
  • Overview of Editing with Final Cut Pro
  • Preparing a System and Project
  • Importing Media
  • Rough Cut & Sequence Building
  • Wedding Video Editing Technique
  • Manage Functions Sequence
  • Working with Music and Songs
  • Highlights – Wedding, Birthday Ceremony, Functions
  • Montage – Wedding, Birthday Ceremony, Functions
  • Still Image Close up Montage
  • Edit- Wedding, Birthday & Family Functions
  • Editing Religious Ceremony & Interviews
  • Working with Still & Freeze Frame
  • Create Motion on clip with key frames
  • Use Pre Build Graphics, Transitions & Overlays
  • Super Impose Technique – Masking & Composite Mode
  • Creating Titles and Text, Lower Thirds, End Credits
  • Use 3d Text & Professional Fonts
  • Animated and Full-Motion Titles
  • Applying Transitions & filters
  • Color Correction
  • Basic Photo Editing - Photoshop
  • Create Full motion background – Motion
  • Use Master Template for  Highlights and Credits
  • Managing Render
  • Output to Tape and Files
  • Exporting and Conversion for Web Media
  • Write Data, Audio & Video CD / DVD With Menu

You will also learn Troubleshooting with Projects 

  • How to properly save a project
  • Recovering a project after a crash
  • Use Revert & Auto save
  • Conversion with Different format
  • Fixing Playback issues
  • Why media goes offline
  • Backing up Projects & Media Files (Tapeless Media)
  • Fix rendering issues
  • Video and audio sync issues
  • Fire wire and Deck connections
  • Best Use of Transitions Filters
  • Problem with Mix & Unmix Master

You will able to edit

  • Rough Cut & Sequence Building
  • Wedding Video Editing Technique
  • Manage Functions Sequence
  • Music Selection & Song Selection
  • Functions Highlight Editing
  • Ceremony Montage
  • Still Close up Montage
  • Birthday Editing
  • Wedding Editing
  • Religious Functions
  • Family Functions
  • School Functions
  • Corporate meeting
  • Product Presentations
  • Animated and Full-Motion Titles
  • Photo Slide Show
  • Traveling Video
  • Training Video

You Can Get Free on Admission Now :


  • Tutor Mantra Handbooks 
  • Video Tutorial DVDs
  • Video footage for Practice
  • Pre Edited Video for Preview
  • Graphics Background DVD
  • Video Motion Transition
  • Overlays Motion Graphics
  • Lower Third Graphics
  • Sound Effects 
  • Wedding Music Collection DVD
  • Software
  • Software Plug-ins
  • Video Editing Career Guide
  • Production Studio Setup Guide
  • Business Setup Support

About Me

I’m Rama S Rama that you came to my site.  I’ve been working with video for almost 15 years both in the  Electronic TV News Media, corporate video and the wedding video industry.  I also have a background in training and education.  My goal is to help you learn how to improve your Video Editing TV News & wedding video.  Even if you’ve never shot a wedding video, I want to give you the tools so you can shoot a great wedding video and to help you grow your wedding video business.

I’m a huge technology and podcast fan and my goal is to educate you so that if someone in your family wants you to shoot their wedding video, or if you are wanting to create extra income, than you can take tools from this website and do a great job.

Please let me know how I can help you.