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Final Cut Pro X/ Final Cut Pro 7 /  Adobe Premiere / Edius 7 ( Chosse any one)

Introduction Course, Crash Course and Weekend Course also Available



Online Wedding Video Editing - (10 Classes- Online)


Concentrating on the key elements of wedding Video Editing and how to make stunning wedding films, these one-on-one sessions allow us to focus our attention on improving specific areas that suit you and your business most. The content of the course will be based on your wants and needs, and can include professional techniques, editing techniques, equipment needs, workflow, marketing, …

 Do you have a passion for making well-cut video footage for family functions? Or are you already working in a news channel or production house and want to become a multi-tasker? Then this course is perfect for you. As you will be taught anything and everything you need to know about FCP. 

Eligibility: 10+2 / Graduation


Offered Under : Autonomous Mode?

Study Material : 

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Course Overview :

Tutor Mantra specializes in Teaching everyone from NLE Editing Pro's to those who have never touched a computer how to edit with FCP. We have over 13 years of experience in teaching classes that have both experienced and inexperienced editors mixed together with great results from both groups.

Course Covers:

Students with lot of creativity and proficiency are given an in-depth experience in various post-production technologies, techniques and practices in a real world industry environment.

Programme Content :

This Course Will be taught for different segments like news, features, sports, crime talk shows, live, reality shows and events. This well mean that students will receive all round training which will make it possible for them to perform any kind of professional editing assignments.

 Level 1 : Introduction Video editing & NLE System

Level 2 : Basic Editing

 Level 3: Advanced Editing

  Level 4 : Transition & Filters 

 Level 5 : Professional Workflow 

  Level 6: Out Put 

You’ll learn to be happy working: Practical Content

Our video editing training course offer ways to understand and learn the techniques of smooth editing skills. Our video editing training course includes important aspects of editing and practical exercises.


You will also learn Troubleshooting with Projects 

You will able to edit

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About Me

I’m Rama S Rama that you came to my site.  I’ve been working with video for almost 15 years both in the  Electronic TV News Media, corporate video and the wedding video industry.  I also have a background in training and education.  My goal is to help you learn how to improve your Video Editing TV News & wedding video.  Even if you’ve never shot a wedding video, I want to give you the tools so you can shoot a great wedding video and to help you grow your wedding video business.

I’m a huge technology and podcast fan and my goal is to educate you so that if someone in your family wants you to shoot their wedding video, or if you are wanting to create extra income, than you can take tools from this website and do a great job.

Please let me know how I can help you.